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26 May 2021by yetiz_user

Find out why we decided to cooperate with Pearson - the leader of education in the United States and world.

We’ve gotten used to a certain method and standard of learning, however thereare  differences between countries. The main goal remains the same regardless of the system of education: to pass on the largest amount of knowledge to students and share experiences that will help them in their lives. One school has approached this somewhat differently, focusing on extracting the potential that is housed inside each of us and has created a unique system that allows this potential to be expressed and applied. Get to know the pioneer of modern education – Pearson.

Many years of experience

The company’s history dates far back, to the 19th century, when it wasn’t yet in the educational sector. In 1920, it began publishing books and soon became the largest publishing house in the world, a title it still holds today. Pearson entered the education sector in the 1990s and since then, the company has placed the greatest emphasis on development in his area. The fact that Pearson became the only private examination institution in Great Britain is evidence of its successes in this area. The company is responsible for program and examination regulations in the British educational system and supports schools in their educational endeavors. It is also the largest organization to give out academic awards on an international scale.


Always learning

The idea that Pearson is guided by is very simple – keep learning. It carries over into the creation of the educational offer and conditions for constant development for those for whom education and personal development have a high priority. Education and learning shape worldviews, which influences how we form relations with people, as well as shapes our own path – both professional and private. A good education means a more satisfied life, as it’s easier to find rewarding work or have a better perspective for professional development or changing careers. One of the greatest challenges of the last decades has been the uneven access to education, as well as its varying level in various countries and social groups. The answer is connecting the many years of educational experience with new technologies so as to better support the educational process and lead to the improvement of the quality of education in over 70 countries and around the world.


Changes begin with you

Anyone can apply knowledge and education to achieve their goals – for some this will mean getting a good job and ensuring a high quality of life for their family. For others – satiating their thirst for knowledge, and for others a way to achieve success. For Pearson, education is a passion and goal in itself – an answer to curiosity about the world, discovering something new and a neverending need to raise the bar in educating a conscious society. Although there are many other companies in the world with similar goals, a similiar profile and meaningful achievements, Pearson is an example of the fact that ambition, determination and a clear path towards goals can lead to real and lasting change in the world. The Polish-American WWW School is also based on similar principles – that’s why we have combined forces withPearson, our strategic partner. This means that we can learn from their experience and depend on their support in many areas of our cooperation.


We are unique

We are unique because of our bilingual educational program and the fact that we combine the best elements and aspects of the American and Polish educational systems. And we do this in a flexible and personalized manner – innovation that’s synonymous with what Pearson stands for as well. We’ve all heard that everyone can change the world for the better. But for this to happen, society has to change how it views and applies of education. Change begins at the level of the individual – with you. So what change will you make today?

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