Does virtual education provide enough opportunity for extracurricular activities and an active lifestyle?

One of the greatest concerns that parents have when they make the switch to virtual education is whether or not their children will have enough physical activity. The data on the subject is surprising and – it turns out – homeschooled children and virtual students actually spend LESS time at their desks than their counterparts in traditional schools.

Why are more families deciding on homeschooling? Eliminating stress at school

What is homeschooling? The term homeschooling refers to a simple concept that can be executed in a variety of ways, however all of them share one thing – that the home becomes the center of a child’s development. Depending on the country, a school may or may not need to be involved somewhere along the way. Some parents choose to be completely responsible for their child’s materials as well as lesson plans, while on the other end of the spectrum are virtual schools. Virtual schools allow for children to learn in the comfort of their homes, often with the support of their caregiver or parents, and follow an online scholastic program. Still other parents will choose to combine a virtual program with their own lessons plans. Also more popular after the pandemic are hybrid systems where a child spends some days at home and some days at a school with other students. Whatever the path that is finally chosen by families, one thing is for certain: homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular and more people are noticing its many advantages.

What is a school guidance counselor and and how can one help my child?

Choosing what to do after high school can be one of the most daunting decisions a teenager has to make. There are so many questions that come up related to core issues the soon-to-be- adult faces, not to mention the challenges he or she has already overcome from kindergarten to 12 th grade. A guidance counselor can be of immense help in navigating the tricky waters of what it means to be kid and the choices that must be made, the consequences of which will carry over well into adulthood.

How to choose the best school for your child?

In getting ready to send our child to school, we make one of the most important decisions of their lives, which will have a huge influence on how they see the world. On us, parents, lies great responsibility for making the best decision possible and ensuring our child a good start in life. So how can you prepare to choose a school and how can you make the best choice? The answer to the below questions will help you evaluate whether you should send your child to a particular school.

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