BlogDoes virtual education provide enough opportunity for extracurricular activities and an active lifestyle?

One of the greatest concerns that parents have when they make the switch to virtual education is whether or not their children will have enough physical activity. The data on the subject is surprising and – it turns out – homeschooled children and virtual students actually spend LESS time at their desks than their counterparts in traditional schools.

Fewer hours at the desk

Traditional schools are really a relic of the Industrial Age in how they are structured, teaching children to do repetitive jobs, many of which will no longer exist when our preschoolers are adults. Also, opening hours at traditional schools are a way to make life easier for parents who need somewhere to send their kids all day. Enter education at home, and suddenly families find that they no longer need to devote 7-9 hours a day to learning. Children are able to study at their own pace, speeding up or slowing down when needed. In fact, virtual students might spend as little as one hour per day, and usually closer to 2-4 on their lessons. This leaves many hours left in the day during which kids can just have fun or take part in other organized activities.


The pickup and drop off nightmare

After school activities often involve pickups and drop offs and parents have to double-shift as drivers after a long day at work and/or taking care of the home. Virtual education requires at least one parent to be at home with their child, and thus eliminates at least some of the transportation mayhem and rushing back and forth that is usually part of traditional education. There is less stress during preparations for extracurricular activities and simply more time in the day.


Virtual education is active education

At the Polish-American WWW School, we highly encourage our students to take part in after-school activities like music lessons, sports, and the other creative endeavors. We provide our students with ample opportunities throughout the school day to stretch their legs, by taking part in our yoga lessons or PE activities. Kids are not meant to sit at a desk all day and we are well aware that this doesn’t encourage enthusiasm for learning.


You can count on the ingenuity of children

As with traditional brick-and-mortar schools, parents need to support their children who are educated virtually in finding activities that inspire them and that they enjoy. Virtual classes in all areas are becoming increasingly popular, however sometimes it is enough to just get on a bike and ride around the neighborhood. Kids will always find ways to have fun and if given the right encouragement and opportunities, they will form active habits no matter what sort of school they attend. One thing is certain – virtual education means children have a lot more time to use on other organized activities aside from school as well as just being a kid. And isn’t this really what childhood is all about?


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